Updated 2020/09/18

Welcome to Greencoal Namibia CC., the leading Namibian manufacturer and charcoal supplier of eco-friendly wood charcoal.

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Nothing matches the purity and aroma of a fine lump charcoal. When that charcoal is made using only the best Hardwoods Namibia has to offer you have a product that surpasses its competition. Greencoal Namibia CC. produces a pure Hardwood Lump Charcoal that provides great lighting characteristics, low ash production, and an amazing hardwood aroma! Our charcoal is the perfect companion to your grill, smoker, or gourmet lending its unique flavor to any food of choice. Let us prove to you that our years of experience of charcoal manufacturing produces the best Hardwood Lump Charcoal on the market!

Since the beginning, Greencoal Namibia CC. has been a leading producer and distributor of a complete line of charcoal products made from 100% natural Blackthorn (aka. Swarthack) wood. Through our unique process, we are able to rid our selected woods of all the unwanted foreign materials including resins/acids. What remains from our carbonization process is natural fiber, accounting for the subtle, natural flavor that foods capture when cooked with 100% natural Greencoal Charcoal, that process has made it the “Experts Choice” for the outdoor BBQ enthusiast and famous chef’s across the nation. Our services include Industrial Distribution, Food Service and Grocery, Private Labeling and Online Ordering. We ship the highest quality of Lump Charcoal, Wood Chips, Wood Chunks, Wood Pellets and Logs. Greencoal charcoal manufacturer and supplier has built a #1 reputation for our quality, service, dependability, availability, and competitive pricing, which has labeled the Greencoal brand the leader for natural BBQ products across the nation.

Greencoal Provides our full-line of charcoal products to restaurants, caterer’s and other independent businesses through national distributors. You may contact your local Food Service such as Performance Food Group, Merchants Food Service or Namibian/International Food Service to find our products or REQUEST to have our Greencoal Charcoal Products purchased for your weekly usage.

Private Label your bag with our Premium Quality Greencoal Natural Lump Charcoal and Flavoring Wood Products. Greencoal Namibia CC. Guarantee’s you full satisfaction with a full-line of outdoor grilling products in your “own brand” bag. Our packaging is “state of the art”, new automated bagging machines, high-speed tape-over sewing machines, electronic scale system, and over 10,000 hectares of holding space to store your product ready for distribution. Your own brand can be designed for paper or poly bags in sizes ranging from 4kg. through to 10kg*.

All finished product is palletized, shrink wrapped with standard pallet configurations, labeled, to meet all your requirements for your local market, all product will arrive to your location/distribution center ready for your retail markets. Greencoal guarantee’s our quality and service.

(Please feel free to call or email to discuss more detailed information and volume/truckload pricing!!!)